Jean Michel Frank

Jean Michel Frank

He was born into a wealthy Parisian family of Jewish origin.

After traveling the world for five years aboard luxury steamers, Frank returned to Paris where he opened an elegant furniture studio with Adolphe Chanaux.

The studio had a wealthy clientele who demanded rich and luxurious pieces, with handcrafted wicker and expensive fabrics.

Frank was an "interior decorator" and consequently his work remains mainly in the photographs of the houses he decorated. Yet, his decorations have undoubtedly exercised a decisive influence on modern taste.
Solutions that reflect a quiet and calm elegance characteristic of the furniture chosen by Frank.

Similar sofas appear frequently in interior photos from the mid-1920s.
Upholstered furniture which Frank found particularly pleasant and easy to adapt to various decorative schemes. In fact, none are the same: the length of the armrest, the inclination of the backrest and other details vary constantly.
The start of the Nazi invasion drove Frank to New York, where he committed suicide shortly thereafter.