Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1864-1928)

The Scotsman Mackintosh, architect, designer, interior decorator and painter, is together with his Glasgow "Spook school" commonly classified as an exponent of the Liberty style.

His line, very personal for & ograve; & egrave; to be considered more close to the Vienna school that developed & ograve; around Josef Hoffman and Koloman Moser, rather than the French and Belgian Art Noveu whose decorative excesses he hated.

He treats wood as a ductile and malleable material, he loves to cover his furniture with lacquers that they hide its attachments and joints and bring out only its definitive forms.

During his career he will arrive & agrave; to design rigidly geometric furniture, preferably black, with a strong decorative effect.
But Mackintosh and his family want to distinguish themselves from stylistic confusion and mediocrity; of the Victorian era, in this intent they were supported by the "Arts and Crafts" movement.

In Vienna he met Hofman, Moser, Oblick, and the painter Klimt, in this period he obtained the prize in the magazine competition "Zeitshrift fur Innendecoration" with a project for a collector's house and furniture for the music hall for Fritz Waarndorfer, the patron of the secession.