Joseph Hoffmann

Joseph Hoffmann

Joseph Hoffmann (1870-1956)

Hoffman stayed for some time in Italy, his degree thesis, in fact, had been awarded the "Rome" prize.

The Italian country house, plastered in white, cubic with the windows plastered in the walls in irregular order, certainly inspired his first architectural works.

Like many of his contemporaries, Hoffman also wanted to create the total work of art: "I believe that a house must be all in one piece and that its exterior must detect the interior ".

Its maximum commitment: To seek ever better materials and arrive at an ever more perfect execution.

Its parameters: Simplicity & agrave ;, honest & agrave; and accuracy, in his projects & egrave; His preference for rectilinear, cubic shapes with ornaments taken from geometry is evident.

Among others he built houses for Color Moser, for the banker Adolf Stoclet, for the writer Beer Hoffman in Vienna, for the painter Ferdinand Nooler in Geneva.