Harry Bertoia

Harry Bertoia

Harry Bertoia (1915-1978)

Bertoia in Detroit studied sculpture and painting at the "Detroit school of arts and crafts" and at the "Cranbroock academy of arts" ; in the 40s he began to try his hand at furniture design.
Teaches & ograve; at the "Crensbrook Academy" in Bloomfield hills (Michigan), here with few students.

In Bally's small workshop, Bertoia has created a new series of sculptures with new forms, from which, little by little , has developed the shapes of the chairs in metal rod.

Bertoia declares that his design intends to make more; pleasant and diversified spaces, through a process of combination between technical work and creative arts.

"The space crosses them", Bertoia writes of his chairs, "Looking at them carefully you will notice that they are made above all of 'air as a sculpture ".

He also saw the chair as a sculpture in space, which is why he mainly cared about the spatiality, the color and the characteristics of the metal.