Made in Italy

The Bauhaus Re-Edition guarantees that all items for sale are made in Tuscany, in the heart of Chianti, with high quality Italian materials

The term "Made in Italy" was born as a process of revaluation of Italian craftsmanship and industrial production, which has often led our products to excel in international commercial competition. Today it is important to retrain it to the maximum.
Over time, Made in Italy products have gained a certain international reputation such as to constitute a category in itself in each of the respective product categories.
Among the expectations towards these products there is certainly the remarkable quality of construction, attention to detail, the fantasy of design and shapes and durability.It is a name and a brand that is now expressing a strong meaning: " know how to do ", but above all" know how to do well ". Not just products, therefore, but a real lifestyle that is recognized by the international market and deserves to be valued and systematically invested.
The winning choice is therefore to focus on "high-end" products.


We like to clarify the current market for reissues of designer furniture because since we started, at the end of the 80s, today the situation has changed a lot ...

Once in this sector there were (and still today):

- Holders of copyright that produce the so-called "originals" whose quality is impeccable that have printed serial numbers and designer's signature to justify their high prices.

Ex. An "original" barcelona armchair can cost between 6500 and 8500 euros

-Artisan companies that produce, the so-called "replicas", in Italy, especially in Tuscany, of excellent workmanship, of high quality and with possibility of customization according to the client's tastes.

Es.Un barcelona armchair "high quality Italian replica" can cost between 700 and 1200 euros

and so far everything was fine, everyone had their market in full respect ... then something changed ...

The Chinese economic boom has given rise to hundreds of companies that produce "fake copies" also made discreetly on an aesthetic level but with materials of very low quality and not very durable and not customizable.

As a result, dozens of Internet sites have been opened online that offer these products flooding the market and creating confusion in the buyer even the most 'careful!

A product where the price becomes the first choice is a decision substantially losing and not rewarding because it lasts a little and above all we see that it is hurt!

Ex. A barcelona armchair "Chinese fake copy" can cost from 199 to 399 euros

The Bauhaus Re edition is one of those artisan companies that produces the so-called "replicas" in Tuscany with high quality and high quality finishes. These companies are the true heart of Made in Italy that makes us a pride in the world.

Our furnishings are reissues of great quality that faithfully respect the original design.

The quality-price ratio is the distinctive element. Buy at a great price but always a high quality product

The materials we use are certified, we can also supply them, and comply with the strict European standards for pollution. Those of the Chinese copies? Well ... I would not trust a lot ...

Despite the designers' intentions to create furniture that can be manufactured mechanically, the manufacture of most modern classical furniture requires a high use of skilled labor and several production steps.
This is the reason why we buy the different components of our furniture from small specialized suppliers to then assemble them, pack them and send them after a meticulous check. All our suppliers are specialized in a material - sometimes even a single article.
Our classics are 100% made in Italy, made entirely by hand by expert craftsmen, with a careful selection of the best materials and construction methodologies refined over years of passionate practice.

The real challenge that is passionate about Bauhaus Re-edition is making beauty accessible to everyone.
Generally the high prices of furniture and furnishing accessories with an author's design limit their access to a limited number of people. From the beginning, however, Bauhaus Re-edition has gone a different way, creating furniture of great Italian prestige design, but re-proposing them to the public at reasonable prices.
And it has succeeded, thanks to the constant search for simple solutions, avoiding the waste of important resources, saving everything but quality

We do not offer, as many do, low-level goods at bargain prices, that is not Made in Italy and 'unfair competition and we are not interested in competing with those who can offer only the lowest price.